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Hello radiant one!
So why am I so passionate about the soul and a slower, more down-to-earth life? It is simple. My own soul-unveiling, led me to find freedom through depth and devotion, calmness with life and sensuous wonderings. Listening to my intuition. I believe sweetness and tenderness is what is expanding our consciousness. 
Women and women heart-preneurs: I truly believe the rise of wise women leaders, visionaries, creatives, femmepreneurs and business owners, who everyday embrace the wisdom of their hearts is making our world a better place. 
That is why one of my greatest pleasures is to support the unleashing of the great force of the sacred feminine, both in us of the female kind, and in males as well, so the sacred masculine and feminine can dance together in life-affirming creative harmony.
I do so through soul inspired living and writing about womanhood, the sacred feminine and masculine, about soul-realization and cycles and rhythms, about home and simplicity, creativity.
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Out in the world I do so through being my truest self as best I can everyday, honoring my divine desires as a woman heartpreneur, creating beauty embraced content for fellow heartpreneurs, and administering soulful projects on my own and with others.  
BEAUTY EMBRACED CREATIONS is what I have called my entrepreneurial artistry. All my projects have focused on mind body spirit wellbeing through a deeper connection with oneself and the earth; from spiritual writing and poetry, sacred travel offerings, wisdom workshops, online Soul Sistering courses, meditation and ceremonies, to an international Mind Body Spirit social network. 
You can get a preview of some of what I've worked on by clicking on the images below. Some of my oldest projects, which I started quite long ago (some continue to bloom with the cycle of life), are still visible through 'The Dream Collage' portfolio. Link below as well. It is my deepest wish that what I've done as a heartpreneur and will now continue to share and create will serve the whole, the awakening world we live in. 

My Background story 
In gratitude ~ Yours, Sóley
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