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My Story


​With time I want to share more about my background with text and photos, from my early years into adulthood.  


My childhood was quite adventureful and for sure deserves its own recount.

In short, I grew up close to nature​, by a glacier river, and​ ​in an active spiritual household. My parents were devoted spiritual seekers from ​an early age​ and were my spiritual mentors from childhood into adulthood. Together with them, I own a little family-run company called Illumination, which supports the worldwide sharing of their art concept
Yantra Paintings ~ Nourishing art for well-being. I love working with them on that creation. The essence of the paintings speaks to the eternal in us, and the harmony between the sacred male and female energies at work in our world. 


Throughout my childhood, I had direct experiences with a number of the great world spiritual paths and got to know diverse methods for well-being through my parents' teachings and practices. Our journeys are closely interwoven, and our relationship has deeply shaped my worldview and how I serve today. I will forever be grateful for my family and their support in my own awakening​ to soul consciousness. 

As a teenager and as I grew up into adulthood, I have had a great many mystical experiences, in dream time and awake time, which have supported my becoming a visionary entrepreneur and healer through words, and presence. 

I would love to share some of those stories as well. 

To be continued ~

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