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{Self-Love & Healing through Soul Sistering} 

Embody your Soul Essence, your Wild Wisdom.

Enjoy your Freedom. Live Beauty Embraced.  

Source Energy

Art / Mixed Media



The scent of incence, palo santo and terpentine linger in the air. My fingers, hands and forearms are all smudged in the colors of the rainbow and rags in different sizes and texture lie on the floor torn and dipped, smudged in oil colors and acrylics. It‘s been a wonderful afternoon, with the warm embracing sun shining softly through my window, lighting up my creativity and soul.


Creation ~ Dancing with Spirit. I love setting up my living room for some creative time with myself. I light my candles and incence, cast my sacred space, cleanse, smudge my body~mind, my hands and my canvas with palo santo and a swan feather. I drum, ring my little angel bells and connect with my higher-self. 


I am what you might call a Sunday painter, I have had no formal art training and paint purely for my own pleasure and self-expression. What a wonderful sensations to smudge those oil colors with my fingers! There is no logical mind or order behind my paintings, or why I paint. It is just so liberating! A wonderful relaxing feeling that creates harmony between my other more word and order infused creations, writing, designing concepts and full stack marketing.

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