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{ Repost from Sacred Globe }

My newest article on Sacred Globe I share below. It was inspired by Earth Day and the shift we are in the midst of ~ A shift I would like to call 'The Awakening to Globalhood'.

What does Awakening to Globalhood mean?

A beautiful EARTH DAY to you my fellow Earth Lovers!


Can you feel it too? The sense of Globalhood?

There has been something extra special in the air today It has been a charged day for sure. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. We always knew something BIG for the collective would take place in 2020. A revelation of some kind.  Then we've been celebrating Earth Day today, our attention and energy attuned to our planet, her beauty, and pristineness, as we stand on the brink of rebirth.  We’re about to plunge into the depths of a dark new moon, symbolic of the womb and the unknown. Today is a golden hoop I’m pretty sure!  We all know it's in the dark we shed the oldest layers and allow the new to be born out of mystery.

To allow the darkness to envelop us so requires bravery in this time and age when the masses idolizes progress, the energy of ‘up and out’, product over process, and so forth. We’re terrified of the waning energy, the getting old, and of death. Just the mere thought of experiencing the seasons of autumn and winter in our lives and our projects sends shivers down our spine. 

This attitude is obviously unhealthy - it goes against nature itself. Hence, our nature.

Allowing for the flow of seasons in all areas of our lives promotes our health and well-being, but our modern world, characterized by speed and profits, seems oblivious to that fact. And then we wonder why we are all so tired and exhausted. I know many of us resonate with this deep knowing inside that this is why we are burning up. We, the people, and the planet.  So yes, I believe we as a collective, have been given a chance to hit the reset button. To get our priorities straight. Re-invent what Globalhood means to us. Bluntly said, I know, but I am being serious. Joyfully serious.

My heart aches for the confusion, the fear, the loss, the grief, so many around our planet have, are, and will be facing. During meditation early March, tuning into the collective, I just broke down and wept like a baby.  So I’ve been laying relatively low for the past weeks, like most people who are not in the front line, allowing myself to slowly navigate my way through this mist and these uncharted waters we are all sailing together. Refraining from much outward action.  Since when have massive collective transformations been easy and pain-free? It must all mean something, right? 

I believe the answer is staring us in the face.   EARTH. HEALING NATURE. HEALING OUR OWN HUMAN NATURE.  It is a deep-seated knowing in my body, profound existential wisdom inherent to our humaneness I'm sure, that to unlock our healing abilities we now need to take the feminine path to wholeness, or the shamanic path, experience the shamanic death, whichever concept sits best with you.   Die to our old ways.  I personally choose to align with the energetic vibration of ‘feminine’ because it is the holy truth that we need the union of the feminine and the masculine to create life on Earth, and today we’re not honoring that truth. We are living lopsided. 

All paths to wholeness incorporate the descent into darkness where we shed the old conditioning and reunite with the energies of allowing, accepting and resting, cycles, and rhythms.   Wholeness and wellbeing incorporate going ‘down and in’ as well as ‘up and out’. We all know this, instinctively.  So yes, it is my belief that what is happening right now in the world at large, is that all of us, as a collective, we the global family, we are being implored to embark on that journey together.  Journey to wholeness ~ Brave the darkness, and learn from the spirit of Gaia, how to thrive.

  Then we can create miracles together uniting with the heart-centered masculine spirit of our collective who’s eager to get to work building our thriving, sustainable systems and societies - Our gardens and our homes, where we feel free, safe and secure, nourished and inspired.  ··~<<✥✧✥>>~·· I'm sure a few of you reading may find what I write quite nice, cute even, but that at the end of the day that it's just the ramblings of a spiritual Earth lover, who has no footing in the real world of politics, business and pragmatism.  Well, I know in my bones, that even though what I write may seem lofty and unrealistic, a poetic utopian vision of our world, it can be translated into actionable steps, in what you call 'the real world' - Just look at what is already happening.  Who would have thought a few years back that governments, law, and bank establishments would start hiring people to teach staff how to meditate?      

There seems to be an acceleration in our awakening now, and we are being pushed en-masse to wake up to our highest truth, by reuniting with Earth and her ways.  The world as we know it is swiftly changing, and there is much need for us Visionaries, Artists and Healers of the soft kind to help midwife our new world.  We carry great inner strength, based on Trust, that will prove immensely valuable for us. 

All concepts aside, one thing is for sure - something we can undoubtedly all agree on:  We are standing on the threshold of a new era In that regard, we are all as a global family seated united at the same Round Table. How awesome is that! Every single voice matters. Every single vision matters and everything we do will have consequences. Now, these questions remain: What will we envision?  What do we want for our world? What do we value?

This article asked the question, What does The Awakening to Globalhood mean?   Someone very wise once said, that it's best for the whole if we start with coming home to ourselves. To our own nature, through Nature. Nature has rhythms. She has cycles. That is what sustains her.  For us the collective, for us individuals of oneness to then root ourselves in her wisdom, communicate with her, learn from her, embody her spirituality, her ways, that is what I call The Awakening to Globalhood.  ··~<<✥✧✥>>~·· This article is my wish for humanity as we stand in suspended time. With the unknown staring us in the face - or offering us her embrace?  Warmly, I leave you with this SoulFood for thought. Until we meet again in the community,  🤗 Yours sincerely, Sóley  ··~<<✥✧✥>>~·· If you reading are not a part of our growing community yet, I welcome you to join us as a member! We are encircling our Sacred Globe with compassion.  Our community's purpose is to Honor our sacred mother with our individual inner & outer journeys to wholeness. What unites us is our Love for Gaia, making soulful connections around the world, and sharing our sacred stories and transformational life-affirming experiences with each other.   Here's our About article to help you decide if we're your tribe.  🤗🌊💗✨🌍✨


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